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Kiler Auto Center offers a large number of various services:


Replacing the clutch set

If the clutch set is "failed" it may happen that the car cannot shift into gear. It is impossible to put the transmission in any gear, and thus it is impossible to drive it. You need to think in time and change the clutch set so that this does not happen. In this way, it is possible to avoid additional costs such as towing the vehicle.


Oil and filter change (small service)

This is a prerequisite for good engine operation. If the car is driven and the oil has not been changed for a long period of time, the oil loses viscosity more than expected (over 10,000 km) and can lead to permanent damage to the entire engine, which is a huge expense (over 1,000 euros).


Overhaul of alternator and anlaser

When the bendix is nearing its end it causes a "skip". If a crunching sound is heard in the steering wheel, it is a sign that the anlaser needs to be repaired immediately. If we don't do this the car may not be able to start. If the alternator is gone, the vehicle starts to lose power and consumes the battery excessively. At one point, the alternator will draw all the current and the car will not be able to "start".


Replacement of cables and spark plugs

If the cables and spark plugs are bad, it can happen, especially when it's colder weather that they "moisten" and the vehicle starts to shut down while driving. When the spark plugs are bad, the engine doesn't work properly and doesn't have the right power, it "chokes", "doesn't pull". That's why cables and spark plugs should be rechecked at 15,000-20,000 km.


Overhaul of the steering wheel

If the steering rack has gone, you can hear a creaking sound when turning the steering wheel left and right, the car pulls to one side and it is impossible to center the trap.


Replacement of the homokinetic joint

If it is not changed, it can happen that the car drags in the direction and this affects the entire composition of the suspension on the car. Because of this, the trap wears out faster and the tires wear out faster.


The importance of regular vehicle maintenance!

Regular vehicle maintenance is important for our own safety, but also for the safety of all other road users. On the other hand, it is much cheaper. If the car is regularly serviced in this way, a lot can be saved. If we ignore the various symptoms that the car sends us, it can lead to more damage to the vehicle. This automatically means we will pay more for parts and repair.

A car that is not in perfect working order is not safe to drive. A proper car is an assembly (system) of different parts that work in harmony. If one part is not correct, it affects the other parts and the overall harmony is disturbed. That is why it is important to regularly maintain the vehicle.


Major service

A major service includes the replacement of all belts, water pump, spanner and antifreeze. If it is not done on time (at 80000 km) the belts can break, which can lead to having to do a general overhaul of the engine, which is a huge expense. A large service often includes a small service.


Replacement of plates and discs

This is a very important thing for driving safety. If you hear scraping or screeching while braking, this is a sure sign that the discs and/or pads have failed. It is important to change them on time so that the car can always stop in time in various traffic situations, which is very important for the safety of all road users.


Bobbin replacement

A very important thing for the proper operation of the engine. If the distributor cap and coil are bad, the engine does not receive adequate current and does not work properly. Often the car shuts off, it won't pull uphill and if there is moisture in the air on rainy days, it can happen that the car leaves you on the road, because you won't be able to start it. It should be checked at 20,000 km, or if the previous symptoms we listed appear.


Replacement of handbrake cable and drum

A very important thing in the entire braking system of the car, especially if the car is on a sloped street. Then you have to use the handbrake, and if the brakes are not good, the car may start going downhill and lead to catastrophic consequences for you and other road users.


General engine overhaul

In the Kiler Auto Center, general overhaul of gasoline and diesel engines can be performed under favorable conditions. We have modern equipment, high-quality car diagnostics and professional staff. One of the most important factors that extend the life of the engine is regular maintenance (servicing). Regular oil change, cleaning of impurities in the engine and filters...


Sensor abs

In newer cars, it regulates the transmission of braking force to the wheels. In different situations, especially when the road is slippery, if the abs sensor needs to be replaced, a warning light comes on. If we ignore this warning, the vehicle may begin to accelerate uncontrollably, sending wrong information to the computer and the vehicle may start to rev up and down, which is very dangerous when driving.


Headlight polishing

A very important item for traffic safety, even if it doesn't look like it. Over time, the headlights on the car become matte so that the bulb in the headlight cannot adequately illuminate the road through that matte mass, which causes poorer visibility. The headlight polishing process solves this problem in 95% of cases and the bulb can then illuminate the road normally, which is very important for safety and the car looks better aesthetically.


Tire replacement and balancing

The people say it well: rubber protects the head. It is not without basis at all. It has been calculated that worse tires extend the braking distance by several tens of meters, which immediately clearly shows us how important this is for braking and traffic safety. Also, the law stipulates that from November 1 until the end of March, all road users must have winter tires on their cars. According to the new law, it is also regulated that in the event of an accident, the owner of a car that does not have winter tires is automatically declared guilty.


Centering the trap

After replacing the steering wheel bar, balls or tie ends, it is mandatory to center the trap so that the car is in the right direction on the road. Centering the trap consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels, so that they are normal to the ground and parallel to each other. The result of this adjustment is better and longer tire life, better and more precise vehicle handling, as well as a more comfortable ride.


Antifreeze replacement

It is mandatory in the winter season. If you do not replace the antifreeze in time, since it has a freezing point below the appropriate temperature, the engine block may crack. A minus comes, and the antifreeze has not been changed, start the car and the engine block may burst. In the summer, it can happen that the car boils if you don't have enough antifreeze. You must have it in the system in both summer and winter.


Replacement of car bulbs

Be sure to check your bulbs, because if your bulbs don't work, you're a danger to other road users because they won't see you or know your intentions if your turn signal isn't working. A collision can occur if you turn and the turn signal is not working. The police will immediately fine you if the signaling on your vehicle is not working.


Replacing the gaskets

This is an important service. Gaskets are part of the brake system together with the drum and hand cable. If you don't replace the gaskets, it may happen that the handbrake doesn't work, you can't pass the technical inspection with it. Also, the vehicle will not stop properly on a hill, which can be a very serious problem.


Overhaul of the gearbox

The gearbox is a very important thing because it performs the transmission function on the vehicle. If you notice traces of oil under the vehicle, which may mean that the transmission is losing oil, be sure to visit a service center. The gearbox should not be allowed to run out of oil as this can cause huge costs. The entire clutch set can fail or, in the worst case scenario, the entire transmission can go. That is why it is necessary to check and replace the oil in the gearbox at certain time intervals.


Wheel bearing replacement

If the car hums while driving, it is a sure sign that the wheel bearing has gone. Then it can happen that the car starts to change its path, to pull to the side, which is very dangerous.


Replacement of balls and tie ends

These are very important parts of the suspension, i.e. the steering system on the car. If you hear a certain knocking while driving, knocking when you roll the steering wheel to the side or notice that the wheel shakes enormously, it is very likely a sign that the balls or ends of the link have worn out. If you ignore this warning or if you don't pay attention, in the worst case, a wheel may fall off while driving.


Repair of all types of car locks on vehicles

You know that vehicle locks can surprise you unpleasantly in situations where, for example, you cannot get out of the vehicle and have to do it through the passenger door. All this can irritate and cause reduced driving comfort.


Window lifter repair

If the window lifter "fails", it may happen that the window falls while driving and thus the glass on the window may break. This can cause a lot of driving problems especially if the weather is cold or rainy. Likewise, if the weather is hotter, you cannot open the window. Often this problem can be successfully solved by repairing the window lifters, both mechanical and electric, which Kiler Auto successfully solves.

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