Sale of vehicles

One of the innovations in the Kiler Auto Center is the sale of used vehicles through the website polovni automobili.

The possibility of buying a vehicle on credit, leasing, rental.

The offer always includes a large number of cars from well-known European manufacturers, but there is also the option of ordering a vehicle according to your wishes and requirements.



Buy verified!

Kiler Auto offers you vehicles that have passed all kinds of tests before being put on sale. The tradition of our car service, with all kinds of car services, allows us to test every vehicle in detail. Unlike many others, who sell according to the principle "immediately from the foreign car lot to the ad", sometimes the car stays with us for a month, so that we can carry out a complete test in the service center. In this way, we can remove all visible and "invisible" defects and only then offer the vehicle to customers.

Yes - we are not the cheapest.
Yes - our mileages are realistic.
Yes - we give you a 12-month warranty on used cars.

Kiler Auto. Sale of used cars - quality without compromise!

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