Auto body shop and painting

The Crash Centar performs the following bodywork and painting services on passenger and delivery vehicles: car polishing, painting and varnishing of vehicles in the chamber, bodywork services, repair of accidents on vehicles. The materials and work techniques used meet the highest standards.


In addition to these auto body shop and painting services Crash centar also offers a towing service (if it is necessary to transport damaged vehicles), which is free of charge. Clients' vehicles are brought in and taken away. There is a car wash within the service.



The center has 1200 m2 of working space, parking for 100 vehicles and is the largest car bodyshop and car painting center in Serbia. All employees have licenses, have experience working in authorized services and have ongoing training.

The Crash Centar owns Mix Room Max Meyer (cooperation with Ehom d.o.o.) and Nexa Autocolor. Pollino chamber, one chamber for the cargo program - Discovery model. Panther Car Bench for restoring cars to geometry, Hand Fest with vacuum cleaner. All of the above guarantees top quality services. Crash Center - Body shop and painting. Quality that is talked about!

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