Auto mechanics

Auto mechanics is a very important activity in vehicle maintenance. Many years of experience, modern technology and continuous training of employees are the most important factors for successful performance of work in this segment of the auto industry, and regular vehicle maintenance is certainly one of the most important conditions for the correctness of the vehicle.

auto mehanika - dijagnostika
auto mehanika - dijagnostika

The following auto-mechanic services can be performed at the Kiler auto service:

  • oil change and filter change
  • brake system control
  • management system control
  • fluid control in the engine, brake system, transmission system, steering system, etc
  • major service
  • cleaning nozzles, valves, EGR valve (egr valve)
  • clutch set replacement
  • overhaul of the steering wheel
  • replacement of plates and discs

With the help of modern computer auto-diagnostics, all types of faults on the vehicle are detected in a relatively short time interval. In addition to regular vehicle maintenance in the Kiler Auto service it is also possible to do a general overhaul of the engine.

automehanika servis


  • Service of all types of vehicles
  • Professional diagnostic devices
  • Experienced craftsmen
  • Years of experience
  • Quality services
  • High quality of performed services
  • Affordable prices
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